Advantages of (Still) Using PDF Files

PDF was designed in the early 1990s to facilitate effortless sharing of documents between various computers as well as operating systems. It has gone through myriad historical developmental stages throughout the years and, today, it has evolved into a popular and widely patronized document format that is used all over the world. Businesses utilize it to send important memos and maintain customer information in a fixed format. Accounting software solutions like FreshBooks allow you to conveniently prepare invoices for clients in the PDF format. Other accounting systems in the market also offer this feature so feel free to shop around for a good FreshBooks alternative. What other advantages can you gain by using PDF files? This article details the top benefits, so read on to learn about them.

Consistent Document Format

One of the issues with tools such as Microsoft Word and others is that the document formatting changes when you share the file with others. This can create a bad impression on your business clients as well as other readers. PDF format resolves this issue as it maintains the exact layout and format of the file even after transfer. Thus, it is an ideal option if you wish to send documents that need printouts.

Popular Format

PDF is a ubiquitous format as it is widely used in all parts of the world. The files are easy to read and share, and you can securely send it to recipients in any part of the globe.

Smaller File Size

PDF file size is smaller compared to other document formats. For instance, the TIFF format offers greater benefits, but PDF scores even here because you can easily compress high-quality documents into smaller sizes. This makes it a great choice if you have limited storage space.

Password Protection

You can protect the files with a password. This is critical for businesses that use the files to store and share confidential information. With PDF, you can protect your vital business files and ensure the information they contain is safe from hackers and your competitors. Thus, PDF is a secure way for companies to collect electronic signatures of their clients on contracts and other business documents.

Widely Compatible

PDF is compatible with all widely used operating systems such as Windows, Mac, and Unix as well as mobile systems such as Android and iOS. Therefore, you can safely send this type of file to your contacts and rest assured that they will be able view it without difficulty using any device with any operating system.

Non-Text Features

You can easily add non-text features such as hyperlinks, images, etc. The format allows you to maintain visually attractive layouts and include internet links that open up when the viewer reads the file on a mobile device or computer.

Here to Stay

Despite changing software and technology trends, we are sure PDF will survive for a long time. This is because it is a widespread format that offers a great deal of advantages compared to other file types. Therefore, you can safely invest in a PDF software solution today and rest assured that you will benefit from it for a long time to come.

You can Use Freeware to View PDF Files

You simply need to download freeware such as Adobe Reader to retrieve, view, and print PDF files. This means individuals and businesses can save money by being able to use and share PDF documents at no extra cost.

Hard to Alter

The flipside of using TIFF, GIF, and JPEG files is they can be altered easily. However, PDF files cannot be tampered with as this would create a digital mark. Therefore, you can use PDF to share photos and images without worrying about alterations. Another advantage is you can easily flip the photos to and fro for better viewing.

PDF Limitations

Now, let's take a look at the flipsides of the PDF format:

The format was designed to protect and preserve the layout and content of documents on all platforms. As a result, it is hard to work with and edit text, and even extract information from the files. The text in PDF documents is perceived as an image which again makes it hard to edit it. Another issue is there are various types of PDFs, therefore you need to employ specialized programs to search for and extract information from them.


Now that you have learnt about the many benefits of PDF files, it is time to buy a quality PDF editing solution for your business needs. You can browse in-depth reviews of popular platforms of this type on a reputable online resource such as the review site. Invest in a suitable product and enjoy the multiple advantages offered by the PDF file format.