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The PDF page numbering is very helpful method for managing a large PDF document file having 1000 or more pages. With the help of page numbers you can directly jump to the needed page of a PDF document. It helps many times to the users for getting or reading only required information from a big PDF file. Adobe Acrobat is also providing an option to print page number on PDF but is paid solution. If you are wondering for how to add page number in PDF file for free then you can use this free PDF bates stamping software. The application helps to print page numbers on PDF file automatically with a single click.

Stepwise Guide to Check How to Add Page Numbering in PDF!

Adobe PDF Bates numbering software offers a very easy method to set the page number on PDF documents. Only two or three clicks are required to operate this PDF page numbering web application as shown below:

  1. Click on the Choose File button to add a PDF file.
  2. Select a required position from the drop-down list to insert page numbers in PDF file.
  3. You can also provide Prefix if required (optional) and finally click on the Add PDF number button.


Insert Page Number in PDF Document Online

Step-1: Choose a PDF File

Step-2: Select Options

Select Position

Enter Prefix (Optional)

Step-3: Click on Add PDF Number Button

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Helpful Features of Online PDF Page Numbering Tool

insert page number in pdf document

One Click PDF Bates Stamping

Use this online application to perform one click bates numbering of PDF files. You just need to browse a PDF file, choose the page numbering position to do the task.

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Platform Independent Application

It is a web based application can be used with a standard web browser and supported by all operating systems including Windows, MAC and Linux etc.

adobe pdf bates numbering

No PDF File Size Limitation

You can add page numbering to a large PDF file having 1000 or more pages. The application supports PDF files up to 20 MB in Adobe PDF stamping process.

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Set Bates Number Positioning

This online PDF page numberer tool allows users to set a user defined position. You can insert page numbers to header left, right, center or footer left, right, center in PDF file.

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Option for Inserting Prefix Text

This is an additional feature of the tool by using it you can add add text within page numbers. For eg- page-1, page-2, page-3 and page-4 etc.

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Add Page Numbers in PDF for Free

Online PDF page numbering tool is a complete free program by using it you can simply insert PDF page number for absolutely free.