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Add page numbers into PDF documents for absolutely free. This online pdf numbering tool allows inserting page no in selected position of PDF file with desired prefix text. It's a free web based app for bates pdf numbering on MAC, Windows and Linux.

Step-1: Choose a PDF File

Step-2: Select Options

Select Position

Enter Prefix (Optional)

Step-3: Click on Add PDF Number Button

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  1. Click on the Choose File button to browse a PDF file.
  2. Select a required position from the drop-down list to insert page numbers in PDF file.
  3. You can also provide Prefix if required (optional) for eg: Page: or Page-
  4. Finally click on the Add PDF number button.
  5. Wait till your file is uploading on server and processing for page numbers.
  6. Download it to desired location with a suitable name. That's it.


  • One click solution add page numbers to PDF online.
  • The application supports PDF files up to 100 MB for page numbering.
  • Set numbering position like: header left, right, centre or footer left, right, centre.
  • Platform independent application can be used on Windows, MAC and Linux.
  • PDF page numbering for free, no registration, no installation, 100 % secure.

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