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Easily insert password in PDF document and protect your PDF files from unwanted access. It's a free web based application to add password to PDF online in a few seconds. Set password for your PDF files on MAC, Windows and Linux.

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  1. Click on Browse button to Add PDF file in which you want to set password.
  2. Enter the desired password to protect the PDF Documents online.
  3. Enter the same password again to confirm the password you entered is correct.
  4. Click on the "Lock PDF" Button to enable password protection for selected PDF file.
  5. Wait till PDF file is uploading and protecting with your desired password.
  6. Save the password protected PDF file into specified location. That's it.


  • Upload and protect your large PDF files up to 100 MB.
  • User defined password protection to insert password of any length or any type.
  • The whole process for protecting a PDF will be done online by using secure connection.
  • The PDF password protector is free for unlimited documents.
  • A platform independent application which can be used with Windows, MAC Y& Linux.

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