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An Online Tool to Add Password Protection to PDF File for Free


Adobe PDF files are highly used documents for sharing confidential information. But it is necessary to create password in PDF file to make your PDF document files safe and secure. Adobe Acrobat also provides the option to set password on PDF file, but the process is paid and costly. So it is highly recommended to use this online PDF password protector that will help you to lock a PDF file with your desired password.

4 Easy Steps to Add PDF Password Protection!

It is very easy to lock a PDF file with password. Only 3 or 4 easy steps are required to add PDF password protection for yor PDF documents. Follow the Steps suggested below:

  1. Click on Browse button to Add PDF file which you want to lock or secure
  2. Enter the desired password to protect the PDF Documents online
  3. Enter the same password again to confirm the password
  4. Finally Click on the “Lock” Button to enable password protection for selected PDF file


Lock PDF File by Generating Password:

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Why Users Requires Protecting A PDF File with Password?

Password protection of Adobe PDF files is the easiest way to keep your documents secure. Most of the time a user need to lock PDF file with a password when he/she want to share the same documents with others. So far no one can access essential documents without entering the correct password. PDF password protections are generally used for bank statement and other official confidential documents.

Key Features of Free PDF Password Protector Application

lock adobe pdf file

No Software Installation

This is a web based PDF locker which can be used with any of the web browser. So there is no need to download or install any additional software to protect a PDF file.

set password on pdf file

Lock PDF Files up to 50 MB

Most of the web applications have 20MB or less size limitations, but with this PDF password adder you can upload and protect large PDF files up to 50 MB.

set password on pdf file

Set Multilingual Password on PDF

Advanced techniques of the tool allow users to add password of any length. The password that is composed with multiple combinations can be also applied.

create password in pdf

User Defined Password Protection

There are no predefined passwords, the PDF locker allows users to create a required password. You can simply add and confirm desired password to a PDF file.

pdf password protection

Keeps Original Formatting

The best thing about this PDF lock utility is that entire formatting of the PDF file like: Hyperlink, font, images and other properties are maintained properly.

pdf password protector

Protect a PDF File in Single Click

A single click solution to set password on PDF files. You can simply browse a PDF file and provide a password to enable password protection to the required PDF file.

pdf password

Support Windows, MAC & Linux

This is a platform independent application which can be used with all earlier as well as later edition of Windows OS. You can also protect PDF files in MAC and Linux tool.

pdf password

100% Secure Process

The whole process for securing a PDF file with the desired user password will be done online by using secure connection. So there is no chance of data leakage or loss.

free pdf password creator

A Complete Free Application

The PDF password protector is complete free solution can be used for unlimited documents. There are no any restrictions to lock Adobe PDF file with this free tool.