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Insert text watermarks or stamps an image to PDF online in a few seconds. Select font size, font colour and font angle while watermarking PDF documents. It's a free pdf watermark creator can be used with a web browser on Windows, MAC and Linux.

Step-1: Add PDF

Step-2: Select Options

Enter Watermark Text

Font Color

Font Size


Step-3: Click on Add Watermark


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  1. Click on the Choose File button to add a PDF file in which you want to add watermark
  2. Enter Watermark text (Company Name, Brand Name or Simple Text)
  3. Select other properties like: Font size, Font colour and Text angle etc.
  4. Finally, click on the Add Text Watermark button to perform the operation.
  5. Wait till your PDF file is uploading and watermarking.
  6. Save it to desired location with a suitable name. That's it.


  • Rotate PDF Watermark in desired angle (for eg: 45)
  • User defined watermark text, font colour and text size.
  • Platform independent application to stamp pdf in MAC, Win and Linux.
  • Add watermark to large PDF files (up to 100 MB supported)
  • PDF watermarking for free, no registration, no installation, 100 % secure.

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