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Watermarking PDF documents are the easiest way to insert a text or image stamp into PDF files for advertisement purpose. Most of the small organizations, companies and other business trusts prefer sharing PDF documents with company name watermark for keeping the brand name popular. This PDF watermark generator is a prominent solution for adding PDF watermark online. It enables users to make image or text watermarks into PDF documents without any limitations.

Steps to Insert Text Watermark to PDF

You can create PDF watermark using Text as well as an Image. These steps will help you to make sure how doing text watermarking in PDF documents.

  1. Click on the Choose File button to add a PDF file in which you want to add watermark
  2. Enter Watermark text (Company Name, Brand Name or Simple Text)
  3. Select other properties like: Font size, Font color and Text angle etc.
  4. Finally Click on the Add Text Watermark button to perform the operation.

Steps to Add Image Watermark to PDF

Inserting an image watermark to PDF is the best way to embed a company logo or digital signature into Adobe PDF files. A few easy steps shown below which will ensure how to add image watermark into PDF files.

  1. Click on the Choose File button to select a PDF file
  2. Browse an image (logo) which you want to use for PDF watermarking
  3. Click on the Add Image Watermark button to do the task


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Why User Need to Create Watermark into PDF Documents?

There are several benefits from watermarking PDF documents but the first and most obvious is the ability to avoid copyright violation. Everyone knows the value of content copyright so no one will take risk to use a watermarked PDF file.

Secondly, you can also use PDF watermarking for brand awareness. By adding brand name text or a small on PDF files, viewers of the PDF will remember your business that may increase your business potential.

Most Valuable Features of Online PDF Watermark Maker Tool

pdf file add watermark

Platform Independent Program

The PDF watermark creator is a web based application which can be used in all earlier as well as later editions of Windows, MAC and Linux operating systems.

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Text Watermarking to PDF

This is another helpful feature of the software, which can be used to make text watermark in PDF file. You can use company name, brand name or copyright text.

copyright watermark pdf

Add Image Watermark to PDF

This function will enable users to add image watermark to PDF online. You can browse company logo or any other image which you want to insert into a PDF document.

batch watermark pdf files

User Defined Text Size & Color

Free PDF Watermarker provides several facilities which helps us to choose required text size and font color for adding text stamp into Adobe PDF documents.

adding stamps to pdf files

Rotate Watermark in desired angle

By using this advance feature of PDF stamp maker application you can simply define angle of text watermark. Just enter angle you want in PDF watermark.

print watermark in pdf

Keeps Complete Data Integrity

The PDF watermark adder software keeps the entire text formatting, images, hyperlinks, videos and audios as it is even after adding watermark in Adobe PDF files.

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Watermark Large PDF Files

If you have a large PDF file up to 20 MB then this online PDF Watermarker application can be used. The tool is capable for watermarking large PDF files online.

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Free PDF Watermark Generator

This is a complete free solution for all web users that has no limitations. You can use this online PDF watermark creator, unlimited times for absolutely free.

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One Click PDF Watermarking

The process to insert text or image watermark into PDF files is very easy. Only one or two simple clicks are required to perform the entire operation of PDF watermarking.